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Some people love a good exfoliator & other people feel they can never find the time to use one, so are you an over-exfoliator or an under-exfoliator or the question is do you really need one at all… Book in for a skin consultation with us to see which exfoliating method would suit you.

What will an Exfoliator do for me? 

Exfoliators can help remove buildup of dead skin cells, smooth the skin, help with decongestion, & even reduce pigmentation. Be sure your facial exfoliator isn’t harsh on your skin. This is so important because we need to protect the barrier of our skin & not damage it by using aggressive scrubs.  Exfoliators come in different forms for home use:

  •  Micro exfoliator
  •  Gentle peels
  •  Exfoliating cleansers

Should I be using an Exfoliator? 

It depends on your skin type, if you have very sensitive, reactive, inflamed skin like Rosacea, Psoriasis or Eczema or an impaired skin barrier then we would recommend not using any type of exfoliation until your skin therapist advises that your skin is in a good enough condition to add an exfoliator as part of your routine. For someone suffering with dry/dehydrated skin, pigmentation, congestion or dry acne an exfoliator will help to gently smooth the skin, helping serums, active ingredients & moisturisers work even better. 

How often should I be using an exfoliator? 

It depends on the advice from your skin therapist, but generally 2-3 times per week. Pick a day or time that’s good for you to spend an extra few minutes on your skincare, which remember is also self care, win-win.  Personally, I love doing a great routine on a Sunday morning & then 2 evenings during the week. 

My step-by-step skincare routine: 

  1. Pre Cleanse with your favourite pre cleanser.
  2. Do your 2nd cleanse with your recommended cleanser for your skin type. Use a clean warm face cloth to remove both cleansers.
  3. Tone using your recommended toner.
  4. Apply your exfoliator. How you will do this will depend on the exfoliator that is recommended. Continue reading below to find out how to use each exfoliator available with us in The Chalet.
  5. Continue with your skincare routine

Shop our range of Exfoliators on our website now. If you are looking for more skincare advice, get in touch with us here.

This is a gentle exfoliator using spherical micro beads, so it has no sharp or harsh edges to damage the skin. It’s so gentle it can be used daily if you find your skin is going through a period of dryness.
Apply a small amount to damp skin & work in circular motions all over the face & neck but not the eye area. Be sure to work really well on the side of the nose & the crease of the chin to help any stubborn congestion.
It can also be added to your Skinican Cleanser to use as a power cleanse if you don’t have the time to exfoliate, just mix them together & cleanse.
  • Reduces congestion.
  • Gives a smooth & luminous complexion.
  • Suitable for dehydrated, dry, normal, or sensitive skin types.
This is a really gentle peel & is great for anyone with aging concerns, it has a creamy consistency, smells gorgeous & it’s packed full of fruit acids & enzymes.
Apply with your fingers or a brush all over the face & neck, avoiding the eyes. Leave it on for 20 mins & remove with a clean warm face cloth.
  • Supercharged exfoliating enzyme peel.
  • Reduces pigmentation & fine lines.
  • Leaves skin glowing.
  • Suitable for dry skin, aging concerns, or problematic skin.
Even though this is a masque, it can also be used as an exfoliator when combined with the Environ Pre Cleansing Oil.
When using as your exfoliator, you would:
Pre Cleanse & remove with a clean, warm face cloth. Apply a small amount of your pre-cleanser again all over the face & neck, then apply a nice amount (about the size of the top of your middle finger) all over your face & neck. Work this in circular motions for about 5 mins, it should get to the stage where it crumbles, then it’s ready to be removed.

When you have removed it with a warm cloth, then use your chosen cleanser & continue your skincare routine.
  • It absorbs excess oils while gently polishing the skin’s surface.
  • Works as an antioxidant to protect the skin.
  • Decongests the skin.