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Course of 5 OPATRA Dermisonic Facials Plus FREE Products


This is a course of 5 OPATRA Dermisonic Facials, 60 minutes each.

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The Dermisonic is a revolutionary anti-ageing and skin repairing device that combines 4 scientifically proven treatments.

Galvanic Technology : Revitilises, tightens, tones & smooths skin. Aids blood circulation & stimulates collagen.

Ultrasound Stimulation : Eliminates dead skin cells, plumps the skin. Minimises pore’s, fades dark circles, freckles & age spots.Helps repair scar damage.

LED Light Therapy : Promotes a more radiant complexion, enhances skin cells, blood circulation & oxygen supply which in turn strengthens skin tissue & improving cell metabolism. This has Red, Green & Blue Light.

Massage Stimulation : Strengthens facial muscles, improves blood circulation & lymphatic drainage to detox & decongests the skin. Increases penetration of creams & serums.

The combined effects of the Dermisonic are so dramatic that it has been called the Non Surgical Facelift and when used in conjunction with Skinician’s exceptional range of powerful products this facial delivers real and visible results for all skin types & conditions.

This is a course of 5 OPATRA Dermisonic Facials, 60 minutes each. For best results the facials should be scheduled weekly for 5 weeks. With this offer you receive Skinician product to the value of €80.