The Chalet is an Irish Family Run Business
Shipped From Our Salon in Carlow

Skinician The Pink One


Due in September Ideal gift at amazing value contains your 3 staple products suitable for dry, dehydrated skin.


Hydrate & Repair Revitalising Gift Set contains the following

Revitalising Cleanser

A gentle cleansing milk that can be used on the eye area, our Revitalising Cleanser thoroughly removes any build-up of oil and dirt while revitalising skin at the same time. A particularly good cleanser for sensitive skin, the formula doesn’t sting the eyes, and leaves the skin clean, hydrated and refreshed, with reduced sensitivity after use.

Revitalising Toner

If you’re looking for a toner for your normal, dry or sensitive skin, our Revitalising Toner is infused with brightening Vitamin C, and works to improve skin hydration to leave your complexion calm and replenished. It has been proven to reduce sun damage, inflammation, and pigmentation by 77% for an even skin tone.

Revitalising Day Moisturiser SPF30

This Revitalising Day Moisturiser for sensitive skin works on three levels, to thoroughly hydrate and nourish skin, soothe irritation, repair the skin barrier, and provide that all-important sun protection. It contains encapsulated SPF30 which protects against UV damage, together with clinically proven actives to lock in moisture and reduce sensitivity