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Skinician Purifying Christmas Gift Set


This Purifying Gift set is ideal for anyone who suffers with breakouts. It is suitable for Combination, Oily, Congested and breakout prone skin RRP €85.90

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Skinician Purifying Cleansing Gel is for combination, Oily, Congested and breakout prone skin

A refreshing and rebalancing cleansing wash rich in Green Tea and Witch Hazel, removes all traces of make-up and gently eliminates impurities. It deeply cleanses and purifies oily skin and refines pores. Chamomile soothes and reduces inflammation caused by breakouts leaving the skin fresh and soft.

  • Leaves skin clean, shine free and mattified
  • Less visible pores
  • Reduced redness

To us here in The Hair & Beauty Chalet, toner is one of the most important parts of your daily skincare routine, as it brings your pH Balance back to normal.

After you spritz on your toner let it dry before you continue with the rest of your routine.  We find that a lot of people are afraid of using a toner as they feel they’ve had reactions to toners years ago.  If you haven’t used a toner for a long time, you may feel for the first few days you may feel a little tingle on your skin or even some redness which looks like a little flare up. But this is just a sensitised reaction of your skin getting used to toner again so bare with it and it will work wonders.  Toners can also be used throughout the day and spritzed over your makeup to help rejuvenate both you and your skin.

Skinician Purifying Tonic is a refreshing, mattifying spritz that helps to reduce shine and control breakouts. A revolutionary Sebo-regulator complex combines extracts of Horse Chestnut, Niacinamid and Caffeine to reduce the production of sebum whilst reducing skin blemishes and controlling acne causing bacteria.


  • Reduces and regulates sebum production

  • Reduces skin blemishes by up to 30%

  • Reduces shine, leaving a long-term matte finish

  • Reduces the development of breakouts

  • Protects from damaging free radicals


  • Combination

  • Oily Skin

  • Acne Skin

Skinician Purifying Moisturiser is suitable for Combination, Oily, Congested and breakout prone skin

About me
A lightweight protective moisturiser designed to regulate oil production and control shine for a mattified complexion. Broad spectrum SPF 30 and Vitamin E protects the skin from harmful UV rays while Glycerin and Shea Butter leave your skin soft and hydrated.

Reduced shine
Matt finish
Hydrated and protected skin